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Copy and Paste keyframes in the track view with shortcuts.

There are 5 commands which can be assigned to keyboard shortcuts or to buttons on a tool bar. You can add custom toolbars main menu or to the trackview if you wish

With a trackview open in max you may

  Copy keys to Clipboard
  Paste insert keys at the current frame
 Paste overwrite keys at the current frame
  Insert or Delete Time on selected tracks at the current frame
  Open copy paste dialog

Once keys have been copied from the track view you can paste them to the current frame ( it doesn’t matter if the track view is open at this point ). The keys get pasted to the same tracks they were copied from and retain their in out curve types.


Just open Max and drag the .mzp file onto a viewport and the script should install automatically. but you’ll need to add shortcuts and or buttons yourself

To do this got to the main menu bar and click

  • ‘Customize’
  • ‘Customize user interface’
  • Then in the drop down list you should find
    • Group : Main UI
    • Category: Kenzors Scripts

This will reveal the macros.

You can drag the macros onto a tool bar to make a button or assign a keyboard short cut


  • A trackview must be open to run the tool. Keys are copied from the currently selected trackview.
  • Does NOT work on BIPED rigs,
  • Does NOT work on CAT rigs

BIPED and CAT use different APIs to the rest of MAX. So it would be a complete rewrite to make this work with those rigs